Why an MBA?

Before deciding to pursue an MBA, I had graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and served as a Commissioned Officer in the Army. I had a lot of peers that were also separating and realized they were getting a great deal of variety in job offers. I wanted to make the transition less of a shot in the dark and dedicate some time to learning as much as I could about what was out there and make the most informed decision possible when shaping the next stage of my life. Additionally, I believe it’s a great way to stand out.

The Texas A&M MBA.

The state of Texas offers top-notch veterans benefits and Texas A&M in particular truly understands and appreciates the culture of service members. From first speaking with an admissions officer to contacting old professors over my summer internship, the Texas A&M MBA program has been a small, close family.

Life as a Texas A&M Student.

Most MBA programs will be very demanding, and Texas A&M is no exception if not more so due to our compressed schedule. It’s been uncomfortable at times but a year later during my summer internship; I’ve realized how much I’ve learned. Class occupies much less time than it did in my undergraduate degree but the commitment to studies outside of class more than make up for the difference. Expect class to be a culminating event in which you get out of it what you put in. Finally, there’s a healthy injection of professional development outside of your studies to ensure you are as well prepared outside of the academic world.

Your future?

Through my internship search and what’s soon to be a full-time employment search, I’ve found the opportunities for function, industry, and locations are limitless. I’m excited to continue shaping my decision.