MAY 23, 2016
Day 3: 13.5 miles

We got to sleep in today!!! Well only to 7 and I still woke up at 6 because I went to bed at 10.

After laying in bed for bit, I got up, packed everything up and headed downstairs for breakfast. Chase and I then made sure everyone was on the right way and followed everyone from behind. I ended up walking with Brit, and we talked about traveling and some of the favorite places he’s been. We ended up stopping pretty shortly after we started because everyone wanted to take their jackets off. I followed the pack and took mine off, but was freezing until second breakfast.

Finally we stopped and I had the chance to put my jacket back on but by then decided it was not worth it because the sun was coming up. The next part of our trek was off the road, which was an interesting change of scenery from our normal more “natury” paths.

After turning on to a normal path, we stumbled on to this old, abounded, graffitied building. While trying to figure out a way to get into it, Nathan jumps up, grabs the ledge and pulls himself in. A few minutes later, the rest of us found a path up to the top. Once inside the abandoned bulging, we saw some incredible views. We hung out there for a while, and then looked at our watches and realized we had been stopped for 49 minutes. We headed back on our way.

Through the walking, our group got split up and I ended up spending the rest of the day with Reid and Chase. Chase told some long, drawn-out jokes that were pretty terrible and Reid and I both told a riddle to pass the time.

Reid, Chase, and I finished our the last fiveish miles and met up with Joel and Nick who had been waiting for 1 1/2 hours. We checked I tot the hostel and then went searching for food.

We found this incredible gelato place where I got a slice of pizza and half coffee/half stratachello (?) ice cream. And boy I was happy.

We walked around a bit, explorers the cool town of Pamplona then headed back to get ready for team meeting. Chase and I led our second team meeting, during which our word of the day was “alpenglow”. Meaning: the sunrise or sunset at the top of the mountain.

Afterward we all split off for dinner, where I got more pizza. It was warm, and food and I was hungry and cold. So I was very satisfied.

Now we are back and low of wifi (the reason behind the short post and no photos tonight).

BIRTHDAY SHOUT-OUT: Happy Birthday Dad!!! I love you and wish you were here.

Thank you Jesus for easy walks, funny stories, spotted cows, gelato, no blisters (knock on wood), and my dad.

buen Camino,


By Mattie Bitting

* This is one of occasional posts about the Mays Camino de Santiago 2016. Follow their journey on the Facebook page.