The inaugural class of Mays Business School’s Master of Science in Business program that starts July 6 brings together 41 students from a wide range of disciplines.

The curriculum provides knowledge in a wide array of disciplines, such as accounting, finance, management, information systems, international business, and entrepreneurship. Students entering the 11-month program must have bachelor’s degrees from a field other than business and less than 18 months of work experience after completing their undergraduate degrees.


The inaugural class of the MS Business program

“We are venturing into the unknown and trusting we’ll deliver something fantastic for you,” academic director ’Jon Jasperson said during an opening reception for the program. “We have had so much fun planning to bring this to fruition. I think it’s going to be amazing.”

Program Coordinator Keith Lane said he is impressed with the array of experience the students bring. This year’s class members come largely from liberal arts and engineering, with a mix of students from all the colleges at Texas A&M University except the College of Nursing and the School of Public Health.

For instance, Kirby Taylor is completing the program between receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology and medical school. He aims to operate a private practice, specializing in pediatric endocrinology. He was attracted to the broad scope of the program, and he wants to be a good physician and a good businessman so he can help and serve as many patients as possible.

“My diagnosis of Type I Diabetes at the age of 18 has given me a calling for internal medicine — specializing in endocrinology,” he explained. “Having been previously exposed to the business aspects of medicine through working at urgent care clinics and volunteering at private practices, I recognize that learning how to manage and successfully lead a business or private practice would be advantageous to the success of my career as an endocrinologist… I have watched many M.D.’s struggle to keep a practice afloat due to their failure to properly operate a business.”

Morgan Sinclair has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition science and a minor in business, and she wants to use the broad business skills she will learn in the master’s program to benefit the business she operates. She wants to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and believes having more knowledge in business will help her in this leadership role, as well as assist with any key components on running a business.

While an undergraduate student, Sinclair started a program called AggiesMove that brings student-athletes into elementary schools and teaches nutrition and the importance of an active lifestyle while promoting a higher level of education. Just after accepting her spot in the master’s program, she and her business partner turned AggiesMove into a nonprofit called The Move Initiative, in which AggiesMove will be the first official chapter. She also developed a nutrition course that will allow students to lead the AggiesMove sessions and will provide a sustainable platform that will allow the program to expand to other universities in the next few years.

“While I know it’ll be challenging to run a business while being a master’s student, I am looking forward to growing this program while having support from Mays staff and applying what I learn in my business classes,” she said.

Corryn Mills, who has a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, wants to work in corporate oil and gas and desires to broaden the aperture of her professional knowledge, skills and abilities beyond a single discipline. She appreciates the way the program dovetails with a science degree. “This was the most important aspect to me because engineering is my true passion, and I wasn’t looking to entirely replace my petroleum degree with business,” she said. “Instead, the program promises to train its students how to use science-based skills in a more managerial, or business efficient manner. I am hoping to eventually move into a more managerial position in the corporate oil and gas industry, which I feel the MS Business program will greatly prepare me for.”

Aneri Nagrecha, who has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, wants to explore all options in any variety of corporate environments and recognizes that MS Business will broaden her acumen and diversify her professional opportunities. “Since I was initially pre-med in my first couple of years of college, I hadn’t really acquired a strong business background, so the Mays MS Business program is allowing me to do that,” she said.

Bailey Glenewinkel, who has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics, aspires to utilize all facets of the knowledge she gains through the multi-disciplinary MS in Business and open her own retail clothing line. Her target audience is women, and her focus is outdoor sports, as she is a world champion skeet shooter.