At the upcoming CurrentlyMAYS discussion series, Mays Business School students will see first-hand how to become better leaders and decision-makers. The two-part series will feature Mays professors and administrators who will lead students in a discussion of current events through the lenses of different business disciplines.

The Mays deans will lead the first session at 10 a.m. on Sept. 9 in Wehner 190. Dean Eli Jones will discuss current issues from a marketing perspective, Executive Associate Dean Duane Ireland from a management viewpoint, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs Marty Loudder from an accounting lens, and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs Arvind Mahajan from a finance perspective.

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The series has been organized by the CBK (Core Business Knowledge) Faculty Committee, a team of Mays faculty who want to encourage students to make decisions by drawing on their competencies in all of the different business functions they study in Mays’ required courses.

Sandi Lampo, clinical associate professor of marketing and chair of the committee, said she believes CurrentlyMAYS is an opportunity to prepare students to be transformational leaders.

“Developing transformational leaders is a key component to our new Mays Business School vision,” Lampo explained. “Mays transformational leaders are ‘responsible, ethical leaders with a vision and strong business competencies.’ We feel that CurrentlyMAYS will highlight the importance of looking at business situations from multiple perspectives and encourage our students to see the value in all of their Core Business courses, not just the ones in their major, to become transformational leaders in the marketplace.”

The Mays department heads will lead the second session of CurrentlyMAYS in the spring semester.