Mays business honors junior Taylor Welch eagerly awaits the opportunity to leave her mark on Texas A&M University as the 69th president of the Memorial Student Center.

Welch came to Texas A&M from Houston, where she attended St. John’s School all the way through high school. She began her long history of service within the MSC as soon as she transitioned from high school to college.

Welch currently serves as the chair of the MSC L.T. Jordan Institute for International Awareness, one of the 19 subcommittees she will oversee as president. The Jordan Institute aims to promote international awareness at Texas A&M through both on-campus programming and travel-abroad opportunities. “It has been so refreshing to serve my community with an incredible group of individuals so dedicated to learning more about the world,” Welch said.

Along with her role as chair of the MSC L.T. Jordan Institute, Welch was also a member of MSC Freshmen in Service and Hosting (MSC FISH), MSC Wiley Lecture Series, and MSC Business Associates. She has also participated in MSC conferences and trips, such as the MSC Fall Leadership Conference, Stark Northeast Trip, and Champe Fitzhugh International Honors Leadership Seminar.

In addition to her intense involvement with the MSC, Welch is also actively involved within Mays. She is an enthusiastic member of the Business Fellows Group XXXVI, which has given her extensive knowledge about effectively leading and contributing to something she is passionate about. She is also a part of the Business Honors Program, which has allowed her to gain bits of wisdom through various professional development events.

“I am so thankful to be a student within Mays Business School. The knowledge I have been able to gain from incredibly intelligent professors invested in my success is invaluable,” Welch said. “I often find myself thinking about connections to the Memorial Student Center when we discuss certain topics in class, and I cannot wait to apply the insights I am gaining to serve a department that does so much for this student body and this community.”

After shadowing current MSC president Annie Carnegie for a couple of months to learn the ins and outs of being president, Welch will step up on April 23. “Having always been a huge advocate of involvement both inside and outside of the classroom, I am incredibly excited to see how what Mays has taught me about leadership, teamwork, and organizational knowledge will aid me in serving the Memorial Student Center,” Welch said.