’Jon (Sean) Jasperson has been appointed to the newly-created position of Assistant Dean of Learning Transformation and Academic Technology to be the keeper of data for Mays Business School. Jasperson is uniquely qualified for this position, as he has served as a clinical professor in the Department of Information and Operations Management and as the academic director of the MS-Business program.

“This appointment has been made in the spirit of Strategic Initiative #3, Goal 2 of the Strategic Plan for Mays Business School,” Mays Dean Eli Jones wrote in an email to the faculty and staff of Mays.

Jasperson’s main objectives in his new role will be to:

  • Provide strategic oversight for digital technology and learning pedagogies
  • Provide leadership in learning design and distance education
  • Serve as the IT liaison with Texas A&M University

“In the online space is probably where I am most excited,” Jasperson said. “Learning has changed. There are greater opportunities for us to deliver better education to our Mays students and in a manner that they are increasingly demanding to receive education.”

Jasperson expressed how important it is that applying and using digital technologies and tools already being used in corporate settings will make Mays more current and relevant.

“How do we do business today? You are hard pressed to find a business today that is not using technology in some way,” said Jasperson. “We’re in the business of teaching business, so we should be preparing our students to be working in the same way they will be working once they graduate. We have to help students recognize that when they walk across the stage at graduation, they are not done learning.”

Jasperson also discussed the importance of keeping track of data as it applies to Mays’ faculty, staff, and students.

“Another aspect of my role is helping us think more strategically, especially when collecting data about people,” said Jasperson. “Being able to know what data we have about them and who is talking to them will help us create one consistent picture of data.”

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