Each fall semester, Mays Business School students have the opportunity to apply to attend the SUMMIT conference. SUMMIT’s mission is “to empower students as developing leaders through purposeful reflection and honest self-awareness.” This weekend-long overnight conference includes dynamic speakers, small group activities, team building, and time dedicated to personal reflection. The conference took place this year from Feb. 1-3 at Stoney Creek Ranch, and on the final day the students were given the chance to anonymously share their key takeaways.

One student delegate expressed the importance of reflecting this way:

“You always have the power to endure, the ability to go on, and the strength to be greater than your situation when you reflect on your story.”

Students who attend the SUMMIT conference return to Mays Business School with a new sense of clarity, purpose, and capacity to reflect. This conference has a lifelong impact on each delegate selected to attend, as they learn to honestly appreciate and embrace their individual differences and share their stories with one another.

One other student delegate summarized the conference by stating:

“I feel as though any dream I yearn to accomplish is within grasp after this conference. While all dreams may not be destined to come true, I feel that I am equipped with the necessary mechanisms (strengths, values, a support group) to at least pursue them. I feel inspired and ready to take on college and soon the world with what SUMMIT has taught me and who Summit has given me.”

Another student delegate related the impact of the weekend in this way:

“I’ve come to realize that I had never consciously acknowledged my values and applied them to my decisions. Through SUMMIT, I know what I believe in, what I want to achieve, and how to cope with the results of anything and everything I could possibly push myself to do.”

To see all the photos taken during the SUMMIT 2019 conference, view here. If you are considering applying for SUMMIT next fall or want to know more, read about the experience. In order to be eligible to apply, applicants must be Mays Business School students in good academic standing.