Nonprofit and Social Innovation Certificate

The Nonprofit and Social Innovation Certificate provides students with high-impact educational opportunities that will equip them to contribute positively to nonprofit and social purpose organizations.

The certificate includes 13 hours of coursework and an internship with a social purpose organization (nonprofit or for profit) that will enhance a student’s undergraduate education to include preparation for occupations, service roles, and graduate study.

Organizations around the world are increasingly recognizing the importance of addressing societal challenges. This certificate allows students to contribute toward the goal of advancing the world’s prosperity. 

13 Hours of Coursework (please email Kyle Gammenthaler – for specific course requirements)


An internship with a social purpose organization (nonprofit or for-profit) is required. The internship does not need to be taken for academic credit, but needs to be at least 200 hours. This can happen in the fall/spring/summer, or a combination of them. An internship completed for a student’s major (e.g., MGMT 484, MKTG 484, FINC 484, ISTM 484, SCMT 484 or ACCT 484) may be applied to this certificate provided it is with a social purpose organization (nonprofit or for-profit). The internship must offer meaningful, professional-level opportunities to apply business knowledge and skills.

Required Forms:

1. Declaration of intent – *Due to recent changes in course offerings, please email Kyle Gammenthaler – for the most up-to-date requirements and to express interest in starting the certificate.

2. Internship Confirmation

3. Graduation Confirmation

For more information email Kyle Gammenthaler.