Little Rock-Dallas Global Challenge Field Trip

The Global Challenge trip to Arkansas and Dallas is designed to develop contextual intelligence, self-awareness, others awareness, situational awareness and a better understanding of global cultural and economic dynamics. Heifer International’s Global Village is founded on the belief that an open mindset and shared experiences are critical in students’ understanding of their role and place in the world. At Heifer, the students are introduced to the stark economic realities both at home and abroad.

A stop at the Clinton Library and the Bush Library exposes students to the work of two former U.S. presidents. The intent of the visit is to give students proximity to global leadership by way of the U.S. presidency. In Little Rock, the group stops at Little Rock Central High School, where students are given an opportunity to begin to appreciate American Civil Rights.

In addition to the events in Arkansas, students are introduced to a few of our Dallas corporate partners. This part of the trip sets the stage for integrative thinking, which is critical for developing a holistic approach to solving global issues.

The Global Challenge field trip is coordinated by program coordinator Corey Stone (