Global Leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa Field Trip

This trip is designed to help first-generation students begin to understand their role as business leaders in the global economy. This is done on a four-nation tour.

In Dubai, students witness the first-hand impact of vision and are briefly introduced to a vibrant economy. A six-hour layover in Dubai serves as the tone setter for the whole trip. In Dubai, the students are reminded of their own capacity to dream and set transformational goals. In South Africa, students get to witness the intersection of modernity and history. Cape Town exposes students to the most powerful African economy. Points of interest include Robben Island and a tour of the South African Parliament. In Zambia, students are introduced to copper mines and at the University of Zambia, meet Zambian peers who are trying to make a difference despite a dire operational environment. A visit to the Central Bank of Zambia allows students to appreciate the complexities of the African economy. The Zambian leg of the trip concludes with a stop at the Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. On the final excursion, the group is introduced to ecotourism on a quick trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana.

The Global Leadership field trip is coordinated by Dr. Henry K. Musoma ( and is sponsored by Phillips 66.