Habitat for Humanity

Mays Habitat for Humanity

Mays is collaborating with B/CS Habitat for Humanity to involve both undergraduate and graduate students throughout all departments and programs in Mays. Additionally, staff and faculty will be included in the effort to work with B/CS Habitat for Humanity on an important and impactful project. This program will allow students to enhance the climate of the business school specifically by sharing a goal to serve the surrounding community. This will be a large-scale, college-wide, ongoing fund-raising effort to aid in Habitat International’s mission of bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope. 

This project will build a culture of collaboration and inclusion potentially involving all members of the Mays family and will leave a lasting impact on the local community by making significant financial contributions toward home building. The Mays chapter of Habitat for Humanity will provide an opportunity for students across business disciplines to interact and share experiences outside of the classroom. Respect and trust among students and faculty will grow as they see life outside of day-to-day campus life while supporting local families that need a hand up. This interaction will create teamwork and bonds adding to a campus climate of understanding and relatability.

Working alongside Mays instructors and staff while raising funds and building homes will also allow students to see their instructors outside of the classroom and share in a passion for serving others. This interaction will carry back into the classroom, creating an environment where students are more likely to collaborate on other projects and shared interests. Building homes with B/CS Habitat for Humanity will provide a long-lasting project to be passed down through classes at Mays.

To learn more about ways to be involved, email Janet Parish. Watch for opportunities to serve regarding raising funds, building homes, and serving the B/CS community with fellow Mays faculty, staff and students through B/CS Habitat for Humanity.