RAP Global Leadership Field Trip

The Regents’ Ambassador Program learning community Global Leadership Field Trip supports the professional and personal development of 15-20 first-generation business scholars through a ten-day international experience in a unique global business environment.  The current program takes place in Paris, France and London, UK, while previous iterations have taken place in Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, and Dubai.

Through generous contribution, students are able to travel cost-free and experience a business context distinct from that of North America.  In Paris and Versailles, students will partake in cultural, historical, and entrepreneurial learning experiences, including touring the Palace of Versailles and observing local entrepreneurs in vibrant market environments.  In London, the scholars will experience large and small business environments and will connect with Aggies working abroad in the UK.  Students will compare and contrast business, cultural, and political observations in both countries with those of the U.S. and others previously experienced.  In light of recent proposed changes within the EU, students will examine the impact of cross-national economic policy on business and daily life.