Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Annie McGowan, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion at Mays Business School is led by director Dr. Nancy S. Hutchins.  In addition to her role as Director of Diversity & Inclusion for the college, Dr. Hutchins also serves as a clinical professor in Mays Student Transformation Center.

Dr. Hutchins can be reached at nhutchins@mays.tamu.edu.

Mays Return on Inclusion (ROI)

Mays Business School has a long-standing tradition of leveraging strong relationships with industry partners for the mutual strategic benefit of its stakeholders. The goal of Mays ROI is to build strong relationships with our corporate partners that will continuously strengthen programs that move us towards our core theme of “Developing transformational leaders with vision and strong competencies who exemplify selfless service and value diversity and inclusion.”

ROI corporate sponsors will benefit through direct access to targeted Mays student groups who are prepared to embrace the challenges of our global society. Mays students who are members of the Multicultural Association of Business Students (MABS) earn points through participation in diversity initiatives that could be exchanged for rewards in the form of select student services, professional development and conference support, scholarships, etc.

Corporate sponsors may direct resources to support diversity initiatives that best fits the needs and culture of their organizations including: recruitment, retention and student development, climate enhancement, curriculum development or research.

For details concerning a Mays diversity and inclusion initiative please contact:

Damara Lotten

Damara Lotten


Phone: (979) 862-7247