Student Instruction Program

Approximately 15 percent of the Mays undergraduate student population are first-generation college students. Although the retention rates among first-generation college students are substantially less than that of the general Texas A&M population, we have observed that targeted interventions have been effective in closing the gap. Evidence suggest that the introductory accounting course is one area in which early intervention would be very effective. The objective of the Instructional support program is to help students to succeed in the introductory financial accounting course where significant disparities exist in the drop rate for first generation students. The sponsorship funds would be used to fund evening group tutorial services, led by student instructors selected based on their prior success in accounting courses at Mays. The goal of this program is to increase the first-time success rate of students enrolling in the introductory accounting course and possibly remove a roadblock that may impede students’ consideration of accounting as a major.