Women’s Leadership Conference

From Bossy to Transformational:
Shifting Perceptions of Innovative and
Impactful Leadership

Friday, October 19, 2018  

Women in leadership positions are often perceived as bossy while men with similar traits are characterized as strong leaders. Stereotypes can affect goals and aspirations and consequently negatively impact the development of the traits and skills that would help women achieve at the top levels of leadership. Despite earning the majority of college degrees, women comprise only 19% of Congress, 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs and 10% of heads of state.

Julie Lenzer headshotJulie Lenzer ‘88 will share how she leveraged her strengths and passion for entrepreneurship to rise to prominence as one of the most influential and transformational voices on innovation and economic development.  As the author of The ParentPreneur Edge, and the forthcoming Tactically Strategic: How to create a big vision and then GSD,  Julie is poised to provide insights on to capitalize on your strengths while “getting stuff done” at various stages of the path to becoming a transformational leader.