Experiences and Faculty Expertise

The doctoral program in Business Administration – Accounting brings the Ph.D. student to the leading edge of knowledge in the field. Rigorous coursework and research activities provide the student with an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and conceptual foundations of accounting. The objectives of the program are to:

  • †Provide comprehensive knowledge of methods, institutions, and concepts in business and related functional and research disciplines
  • †Prepare students to conduct quality research relevant to private or public organizations, to direct research by others, and to communicate research findings through teaching and writing
  • †Prepare students for varied responsibilities of academic careers or for positions requiring similar research and analytical skills

Consistent with these objectives, the mission of the James Benjamin Department of Accounting is to achieve excellence in accounting education by contributing to the intellectual leadership and professional service of the field and providing the highest quality instruction and curricula in all of our academic programs.

Our accounting faculty are distinguished instructors and scholars, who are extensively published and nationally recognized for their accomplishments. A number of them hold leadership positions in professional organizations and serve on editorial boards.

Before I finished my dissertation, my committee guided me to convert a few incipient ideas into a portfolio of high quality research. Two of these papers have already been published in the highest ranking journals.

Assistant Professor

Northwestern University