The Ph.D. in Business Administration – Finance program is a rigorous program offering a number of unique features and benefits:

  • Cutting-edge knowledge: Our program brings students to the leading edge of knowledge in the field of finance.
  • Comprehensive focus: Rigorous coursework provide students with an in-depth understanding of the theoretical, conceptual and managerial foundations of finance.
  • Emphasis on quality of research: Our students develop advanced competencies for conducting quality research, directing the research of others and communicating research findings through teaching and writing, including a Research Workshop Series.
  • Top scholarship: Our program provides candidates with the necessary tools to publish their research in the top-tier finance academic journals.
  • Preparation for research-related positions: Our program prepares students to be successful in the varied responsibilities of academic careers or in positions requiring similar research and analytical skills

Program Highlights
Following is a summary of key program details.

Length: Students typically spend five years earning a Ph.D. in Business Administration – Finance.

Curriculum: This degree is not granted solely for completion of coursework, residence and technical requirements. Candidates must display a grasp of subject matter in a broad field of study. They also must demonstrate the ability to do independent research and express thoughts clearly and forcefully both orally and in writing.

General program requirements: Details of general program requirements are available fromĀ  the Texas A&M University Graduate Handbook, the Texas A&M Graduate Catalog, the Mays Doctoral Handbook, and the Ph.D. in Business Administration – Finance Handbook.