Ph.D. in Business Administration – Finance Track – Applicant Requirements

  • A formal application is required
  • Priority application is December 10 to be considered for some fellowships
  • Final deadline is April 1. Though some funding requires applications to be received by December 10, other funding will still be available to accepted applicants whose applications are received by the April 1 deadline. Although the final deadline is April 1, applications are considered as they are received, so applying earlier is better.
    • By agreement of the member institutions of the Council of Graduate Schools, you are free to postpone your decision about offers of financial support prior to April 15. Earlier deadlines for acceptance of such offers violate the intent of this resolution.
  • Average GRE/GMAT exam scores for admitted students over recent years have been:
    • GMAT total: 709
    • GRE total: 312

Fall 2021 Test Score Information: We prefer that individuals submit a valid test score (either GMAT or GRE) with their application to the Mays PhD program. However, we recognize the challenges COVID-19 creates in terms of taking the GMAT or the GRE test. When applying to our PhD program, if you are not able to submit a valid test score because of difficulties created by COVID-19, please submit a statement indicating that this is the case as a separate document in your application.