Management Information Systems Track

Students pursuing this track develop the accounting and information technology skills needed to understand and audit technology-based information systems. Semester-long internships usually occur during the fall term of a student’s senior year. Graduates often begin their careers in CPA firms, corporations or consulting firms.

Students who follow this track will earn a Master of Science in Management Information Systems.

Courses Hours
ACCT628 – Business Application Modeling 3
ACCT629 – Controls Audit Tech 3
ACCT644 – Controls & Audit of IS 3
ACCT648 – Acct Info Systems 3
ACCT650 – Accounting Ethics 3
ACCT684 – Professional Internship 3
ISTM601 – Intro to Programming/VB 3
ISTM610 – Business Data Communications 3
ISTM615 – Business Database Systems 3
ISTM620 – System Analysis & Design 3
ISTM630 – MIS Project Mgmt & Implementation 3
ISTM Elective* 3


ISTM635 – Business Information Security

ISTM637 – Data Warehousing

ISTM650 – Business Data Mining

ISTM652 – Customer Relationship Management Technologies

SCMT644 – Business Process Design

SCMT667 – Logistics and Distribution Management

Other Courses with Approval of Advisor