I have been home for 2 weeks now and I have to say, coming back to America hasn’t been the culture shock I was expecting. For about a day I was eating eveything in sight (hello Tex Mex) and little things felt so new to me after 5 months in Europe. These things include large stores where you can get everything like Walmart, the wealth of food choices and how cheap they all are, and especially coming back to my apartment in College Station, Texas and not Strasbourg, France. But after a couple days, things returned to normal – almost like I’d never left.

I do talk about Europe a lot. I find myself thinking about little things we did in Portugal, or random nights we had in Strasbourg. Of course I have to bug my friends and family about it and tell all my stories.

The weirdest thing is I didn’t really wish I was back in Europe until a couple of days ago. I felt like I spent a good 5 months there and I was ready to be home. What changed was when the summer study abroad students arrived in Strasbourg. I am friends with a few of them on Facebook and all I can think is “hey you’re visiting MY city in MY country!” It’s kind of hard when you see these people go everywhere you went for half a year.

Started my internship on June 1, so that’s been keeping me busy.

Loved you France/Germany/England/Austria/Portugal/Spain/Italy/Monaco/Netherlands/Ireland/Czech Republic/Hungary/Slovakia! See you when I see you.