trolltungaAs soon as I found out I was going to Norway, I googled “Top things to do in Norway.” To my surprise, I learned that Trolltunga was one of the best things to do in Norway. I soon began to do some research as to what exactly Trolltunga was. As I read articles and blogs, I soon was informed that Trolltunga was an 8-12 hour hike but the views made the hike an incredible experience.

During my first days in Norway, I heard many students in the program talk about Trolltunga. By Wednesday (my third day in Norway) I planned a trip with four other students to take on this hike. The next day, as I was was walking to class, I unfortunately rolled my ankle. Thankfully I did not break anything, but I was feeling pain. I was very upset because I was really looking forward to the hike. As I saw how swollen my ankle was, I began to realize that the hike would be impossible. Even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to participate in this hike, I still planned to go with my peers to Odda, a six hour drive from Oslo. We left Friday afternoon and arrived that night. Since my ankle was feeling better, I kept thinking that maybe this hike would be possible after all. I decided to wake up the next day at 5am with my group to go with them to Trolltunga. While in the car, I wrapped my ankle and I felt determined to at least try and do some of the hike. As we began to our hike, I quickly began to regret my decision because the first 45 minutes were the hardest. There was a lot of mud, which made it extremely difficult to hike, and the elevation made it worst. Fortunately, things began to get easier. hikeThe more I hiked, the more determined I felt to get to the top. We hiked through snow, mud, and rain but all the views made it extremely interesting and adventurous. After five hours, we were finally at the top. I felt extreme joy because I had completed what I wanted to do! This is the one thing I really wanted to do and I did. At this point, I did not realize how much harder the hike going down would be. It took six hours to get back to the parking lot. Although this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, I’m very glad I did it and would definitely recommend that others try this hike! As you can see in the picture, it is definitely worth the 12 hours!