Photo Jan 12, 9 12 17 PMAt this point I have made it back to the States, but I feel like this is still an important part of my experience abroad. The trip I had taken did not end when I got back, but the relationships with the school and students still continue. I would love to tell you how the last four months are still impacting me.

The people that I met abroad have been my favorite part about my trip by far. The relationships I developed are still growing. I have connected with my fellow students through social media, email, and other forms of communication. This is huge because I still get to learn about the unique qualities of each culture a country possesses. Through keeping in touch with my classmates, I get to see how they act and live in their home country. This allows me to see how they value relationships and careers in their lives which in turns teaches me about how to maintain a good friendship with them. The continuous networking I am participating in also provides me with opportunities to find different career paths in different countries. I am not sure IMG_4139what I would like to pursue yet, but I enjoy having the many options.

The other big thing I am experiencing the reverse culture shock. It is weird to think I am uncomfortable at the moment with being back in the States, but this feeling has allowed me to observe the American culture. I am seeing the different ways people interact with each other as well as how they do their jobs. This is essential because it has allowed me to notice the small ways I can connect and form relationships with the people around me. The relationships you develop will lead to good business practices for sure.

The school has also been good about keeping in touch with me. It has been nice to see a school follow up with their students to make sure they hear the students’ voices and strive to improve their system. The school really cares about educating young adults even after they have left the country.

I am happy to be back home, yet I am already missing the way of life in Strasbourg. I’ll be back soon.