This place becomes more beautiful with every passing day. Time is moving quickly and seasons are changing but most of my time has been spent outside in the fresh air during the month of September. The summer temperatures are fading into cool fall weather towards the end of the month and Norwegians are taking full advantage of the last days of warm, sunny weather.

September brought more travels around Norway as school is still incredibly laid back. I have no assignments or mandatory homework until my exams at the end of November. I hiked Trolltunga in early September and would recommend this to absolutely everyone who has the chance to come here. The entire hike was beautiful and although challenging, I believe anyone who takes breaks and has proper shoes can do it.


I also traveled by car to Verdens Ende, which directly translates to “World’s End” and is about 2 hours outside of Oslo. One of my international friends has a car here so we have visited a few other small cities outside of Oslo as well. Norwegians live so simply in the quaint towns and I found it refreshing to leave the largest city in Norway to experience more traditional neighborhoods.


Outside of my travels I can find beauty right down the road. I spend a lot of time running a lovely trail I found just 5 minutes away from my apartment along the river. Norway has many hidden treasures, you just have to be proactive about looking for them.

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I’ll post for you guys again in October. Ha det!