I am getting to the end of my first exchange semester in Vallendar, Germany and I have had a blast. I have met so many new people that I will never forget and it will be very hard for me to say goodbye to all of them. This last month I finally put my traveling pants on and was leaving almost every weekend with a group of 3. The group was made up of a spaniard named Ismael that is in his masters, but we have been close ever since I got here in Germany naturally becoming friends because of the language of spanish that we both have as our native, but mostly because he is also a Real Madrid fan from Madrid. The other two components of the group are two italian girls (Debora and Eleonora) that we have become fond of because of the good times we have with them. The first weekend of this month we went to Copenhagen where I was also able to see my cousin that lives there and she was able to go out with us the 2 nights we were there.

img_0532 Copenhagen

We took a break the following weekend and took a day trip to Heidelberg that has a great castel with a view and a beutiful town where you can spend the whole day walking. That day I was also invited to the anual party organized by the Quischies, which are the incoming Freshmen. The party was held in the basement of the university and it was a great party with of course free beer.


The next weekend I was lucky to be invited to Italy by Debora to the city where she studies at which is Milan. We had a blast and the best was that I was able to meet her friends and enjoy the city with people that are from there. I even go the chance to celebrate the graduation of one of Debora’s friends that graduated from Bocconi and we were invited to the after party. The weekend was great and then we had to get ready for the work in the week.

img_0593Milan Train Station

This last weekend I was lucky to go to London with the usual group and we did all the typical sight seeing including the Big Ben, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, but also a few alternative places like Camden town and the Tate modern that I recommend a lot! I love traveling with this group and I know we will continue to be in contact in the years to come. Now we have been back for the past week studying because we have exams coming up this week and the following. Unfortunately we have a test on the 22nd of December, but I will leave the 23rd for Berlin and spend Christmas with my aunt and uncle that are from my mothers side because my grandpa is fully German.

Until next time,

Diego Malagamba