I have been studying abroad in Madrid, Spain for the past 2 weeks and everything has been one great whirlwind of an adventure. I had been abroad before in a Spanish-speaking country, so coming to Spain was not as big of an adjustment for me. Before arriving in Spain, I wanted to set some goals for myself, such as try to use Spanish as much as I can, meet new international people, and just enjoy every minute I have here.

Ever since I landed in Madrid, I have been involved in a flurry of activities, trips, and adventures. I live in a 14-student apartment in the center of Madrid, and commute to school every day by train. My roommates come from other countries, such as the UK and France. At Universidad de Carlos III, which is where I study, there is an international student program that allows students to meet other international students and get to know Madrid better. I have met students from all over Europe, and we’ve been able to do so many fun events throughout Madrid, such as a tour of the old part of Madrid, karaoke, going to a Flamenco show, having a tapas night, and exploring the night life of Madrid. I feel like I already have seen so much of Madrid just in 2 weeks.

Madrid itself is such a beautiful, fascinating city, and all I can describe it as is the New York of Spain. There are beautiful sights such as the Royal Palace, Retiro Park, Prado Museum, Temple of Debod, and all its great plazas. The streets are always filled with life and noise, and there is always something to do. The food is unbelievable here, and we most of the time get tapas before meals, which are like small Spanish appetizers or snacks. Overall, my time here so far has been incredible and I’m excited to see what lies in store for the rest of the semester.

Alexis Locascio