Hola España y bienvenido readers!


January was a dream. When I think about what I could tell someone about my study abroad, I should put the crazy flight delays, confusing metro systems, and foreign languages aside. Just know: those moments of craziness are present. However, one moment in particular stands out as a defining moment of my month of January.




This hidden, quiet, and extremely medieval town took me by total surprise (as did every incredible Spanish town, come to think of it). Toledo was so medieval, I could easily imagine horses and knights moseying down the squished, cobbled streets. We went to Toledo on a day trip celebrating the last day of freedom before classes started. It was a perfect 45-minute bus ride, and we had wonderful weather greeting us there. That day, we wandered the streets, spoke a little Spanish, toured the beautiful cathedral, ate tapas y paellas, and got a little lost by the river (in the best way).




One moment stands out as something I will never forget. We wandered down to the river next to a beautiful bridge at one point in the day. Our group of 10-12 students all dispersed around a cobblestone ledge that looked out over the water. Some of us took pictures, others explored the area closer to the water, and still others paid 10 euros to zipline across the river. I sat with my friends (from TAMU) Kelsey and Mikel, and just took it all in. It was actually so warm that day, and I was so thrilled to have the sun on my face. The picture above is where we sat, and the picture below is the view from there. Waiting on that stone ledge, I took a short siesta. I cannot describe how content I was to wake up to a truly dreamy day with the sun on my face.

In College Station, I am always wishing to be going somewhere fun and different. I love traveling and experiencing new things. This day/moment in Toledo was so sweet because I realized how content I was to be exactly where I am. I absolutely love studying abroad and am so excited for the adventures and experiences that are to come in Spain this semester!


Un abrazo grande,




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