And so another month has gone by… I am still amazed at how fast time continues to pass here.

This past month has been filled with even more adventures, memories, and goodbyes. After travelling for the full month of April, I spent almost all of May in Cope. Since I leave June 7,  I wanted to really explore Copenhagen and check out all the places that I had wanted to but hadn’t yet. The weather became absolutely INCREDIBLE in May as well! It’s been hitting the high 60’s to mid 70’s. Copenhagen is already a beautiful city on its own, but when it’s sunny and warm, it becomes even more spectacular. I’m so accustomed the cold weather that when it gets to 70 degrees, I’m sweating like no other! I have no clue how I’ll survive when I arrive back in TX…

My friends and I discovered a wonderful little beach called Bellevue Beach here and it’s great to lay out and tan when it gets warm! Actually, it’s really interesting because on literally any sunny day, the Danes will lay out anywhere (the park, the beach, the decks near Nyhavn & Islands Brygge, anywhere!) to tan. I love seeing everyone out and about soaking up the sun! I also went to Dyrehavn (“deer park”) which is a huge park where deer roam around. I’ve also rented boats out and chilled on the canal. In the beginning of the semester I was really frugal with my money and didn’t really eat out, but since I don’t have much time left here, I’ve been balling out and eating out a ton. Copenhagen has SO many great restauraunts. You really can’t go wrong with any of the food options here.

Tourism has really picked up here so I’ve been hearing a lot more english whenever I go downtown. I didn’t realize how much I never used to hear english until just now!

My friends and I took a short weekend trip to Norway to hike Trolltunga. It was absolutely breathtaking. It was the hardest 12 hour hike I’ve ever put my body through, but it was so worth it. It’s not hiking season yet, so the entire mountain climb was covered in snow and so we had to hike with snowshoes on. It was quite the adventure.

For the past week, it seems as though someone in my dorm leaves to head back home. It is really sad and hard to say goodbye because for the past four months I’ve really gotten to know and love the people in my dorm. I found this amazing quote from a study abroad blog and I think it sums up study abroad perfectly:

“I learned to hold people and places and things loosely – study abroad is so impermanent. You come in knowing it will end, and you make relationships knowing you will leave. Yes, you can keep in touch, but it won’t be exactly the same. Everything is so fleeting and quick, but it doesn’t make it any less precious. It teaches you to, as cliche as it might be, live in the moment. I remember being on a boat in the Amazon with some friends, hearing birds and animals around us, watching the clouds reflected in the water and thinking, here I am. In this immensity, here is me, one small person, one small moment. I’ll likely never return to this exact spot, nor be with this same exact group of people again, but to be there in that particular arrangement of quickly flowing time and space was enough.”

Anywho, I’ve got 9 more days in this magnificent city. I have my accounting exam the day before I fly out and hope it goes well. My time here has been absolutely incredible and if I could I would do it all over again.