I’m getting to the last few days in Madrid, and it’s unbelievable how quickly these past few months have been. I honestly thought this great semester couldn’t come to an end and go by as quickly as it did. 4 months sounds like a long time, but it flies by before you know it. I’ve been in the middle of finals, and some have required a lot more work than I’d thought. A lot of the classes have the final as the majority of the overall grade, so finals really matter and could make or break your grade. In one of my classes taught in Spanish, the final was 100% of the entire grade for the class, so I had to study intensively, especially since the final would be in Spanish. I’m reminded that I’m actually abroad for school and classes!!

Since it’s also my final few days, I’ve been trying to relearn Madrid and be a tourist in the city again. Discovering new restaurants, going to museums, and even joining a tour or two have been some of the things I’ve been enjoying this last week. I’m even going to see the Lion King musical, completely in Spanish. It’s also been a little sad since other students and friends are starting to already go back home. I’m trying not to count the days left, but to make the days count and appreciate every last minute I have left (other than my finals). I don’t think I’m ready to leave yet and still haven’t experienced much homesickness. I’ve met so many great people from different parts of the world, tried new foods, gone on new adventures, and adopted a new culture. Madrid, te amo!!


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