This is one of my favorite places in all of Germany and it is also a couple miles away from my school in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany. Here you have the Rhein River, rolling hills and mountains, vineyards that stretch for miles, beautiful little traditional German towns and amazing sunsets. In the month of April I stayed around this area for a couple different reasons. I had some major exams and I also ended up joining a German Club Soccer team called SSV Hattenheim. When I wasn’t studying, I was training with a team that only spoke German. This made for one interesting experience as I didn’t speak a lick of German. Practices consisted of me going to the end of the line or sitting out for a couple of minutes to figure out what exactly was going on.

April was the month of experiencing the German culture. In prior months I had traveled quite a bit and also hung out with friends from all over excluding any Germans. I loved getting the opportunity to interact with German people my age.