The last month abroad (May, 2017) I finished classes pretty early on and got to travel to Spain and Portugal for the remainder of my trip. I flew out of Frankfurt to Barcelona and loved the city. Spain is amazing for several reasons. People understand how to live a very relaxed life yet work hard and stay focused. I saw groups of people in their mid forties and fifties on the beach having a good time everywhere during the middle of the week. They are allowed much more time off than some countries. People smile, are very family oriented, speak amazing Spanish, live their live and let others live the way they want to. Obviously, I fell in love with the country and highly consider living their for quite some time after graduating!

After experiencing Spain for a week in a couple different cities and the South, I was headed to meet some friends I met at my school in Germany in Faro, Portugal. We spent our last week abroad in Lagos, I small beach town. It was an amazing experience and glad I got to end it with the people I started with in Germany.

Overall, studying abroad was one of the best decisions I ever made. Meeting people from across the world, experiencing the european lifestyle for five to six months, traveling to many different countries and making memories of a lifetime.. When can I study abroad next??