Howdy all who are reading!

Today marks the first day of classes as well as my 7th day in County Limerick, Ireland. I have settled in quite well into my accommodation where I have become familiar with my six roommates who are from all over such as Germany, Taiwan, France, and the various states back in the U.S. It is so fascinating learning about the differing environmental and cultural upbringings of my roommates, especially the ones from outside the States. Meeting people from so many parts of the world throughout this first week of orientation for the international students has been an incredible experience that has helped me get extremely excited for the impending semester.

As for The University of Limerick, it is a beautiful campus with friendliness that gives Texas southern hospitality a run for its money. With campus grounds on both sides of the River Shannon, one is exposed to many gorgeous natural sites about the place. In one of the pictures below, there is the iconic “Living Bridge” that is architecturally designed to move and sway as pedestrians walk about it. This is one of the things that makes the campus quite unique. I hope to be able to post even more pictures of the campus as these two do not even remotely justify how incredible this campus truly is.

The weather here, though not much colder than back home temperature wise, is bitterly frigid as the constantly damp and windy days seemingly pierce through any warm clothing I put on. However, on the days that the sun decides to make an appearance (which I am told is only about 50% of the time all year in Ireland), it is quite tolerable and even comfortable in the correct clothes. Though overcast is a consistent sight here, it does not seem to dim the chipper moods of the locals who alone can brighten up ones day. Another fun fact about life in Ireland, I have had to adjust to the things here being run according to “Irish Time” which basically means 5-15 minutes behind schedule. This concept may be a tough one to tackle for someone as time oriented as me, but I guess it will just be part of the adventure!

I am absolutely thrilled to be studying here and I cannot wait to see how the educational methods here differ from TAMU. From what it seems, it appears to be quite different structural wise but I am confident that I will be able to adapt without too much of an issue. I hope to keep an updated blog on my experience and I cannot wait to write more about my time here at UL and share with everyone my incredible experience!