It’s been about a month since I have been back home and honestly, I feel like I am in culture shock once again. Coming back to all these products that I can actually read and food that I was once used too is so different. I realize how much I missed home. I HIGHLY recommend if deciding to do business in another country to learn that language. I did not know one bit of Italian and it was just so difficult when trying to talk to students and teachers at school. Also, maybe take a crash course on that different mannerisms because what other countries do are ENTIRELY different than what we are usually used to.

Studying abroad was honestly one of the most rewarding experiences in and out of the classroom. I really did love every single minute of studying abroad from living in my really cute apartment next to St. Mark’s Square to walking over a mile to and from class every single day. The scenery was just so beautiful, walking through all the little alleyways and over so many bridges. Venice, Italy is one of the most visited cities in the world and being able to live there and see things from not a tourist point of view is so different. Living like a local there was crazy and to see how people carry little carts around for their groceries, how people take the trash out on boats, and the mode of transportation was boat or walking. My mom asked me, “Why don’t you take a taxi?” My answer was, “Mom there are only boats.” The boats in Venice took just as long as walking, so my recommendation is just to walk everywhere!!

In the end, I got to visit 14 countries and over 25 cities. In each and every single one I met people who forever changed my point of view on life and I am so grateful for every single one of them. I already miss all the wonderful food in Europe and how every single time I crossed a border I was immersed in a new world with different food and a different language. If you are reading this, take advantage of this wonderful experience you will (or might) embark on and do not be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone because you WON’T regret it one bit!

Cliffs of Moher


Swiss Alps