Arriving to the U.S. was filled with mixed emotions. I was ready and excited to come home and see my family, friends and go eat to my favorite restaurants. On the other hand, leaving the place that changed me for the best is tough. It is ridiculous how much I grew while living in Germany. Can’t even begin to imagine what would have happened if a stayed longer, the type of person I would become. The biggest thing that Germany inflicted on my was to open my mind to the world. Before that, I was set on staying in Texas for the rest of my life. Now, my goals and standards have shifted. I now desire to keep traveling and getting to know cultures on a deeper level. I now understand that every culture has something valuable to offer and I have this newly discovered desire to learn as much as I can about other cultures. If I grew incredibly over a few months, what could happen in more? Which is why now I am shooting for the stars and have no borders when it comes to internationals internships and job positions. For me, that was the biggest change because my entire life plan has changed to a more flexible idea. Before it was specific to company and city I wanted to live, and now it has change to simple work within finance anywhere and any company. Lastly, I can’t begin to describe the amazing and unique people that I met and currently miss. However, I wanted to come back home already because being in an alien environment is exhausting and I missed and valued my own culture more than I ever did. Now back at TAMU, I am more flexible and social than before and I am excited for my new and improved mentality and where it can take me.