Wow, I never would have dreamed that it would be so NICE to live in the beautiful city of Nice, France. From the moment I stepped off of the plane, I have noticed that I am in a different world compared to the small Texas town I grew up in. From the people and their ways of life to the transportation of the city, it has really been something to get used to. I got lucky enough to find an apartment in the Old Town of Nice. Walking out of my apartment door the narrow cobblestone streets from the past, lead me to the Mediterranean just a few steps away. With everything being steps away I can be eating a traditional French dinner at a Mom and Pop restaurant or eating a picnic on the rocky beach in just seconds. It is amazing how little people use cars to get around here in Nice. To get to school I take a 30-minute tram ride with all of the locals moving about their daily lives. The biggest adjustment I have had to overcome is not having my own vehicle. I now depend on the schedules of others to get me from one place to another. I cannot just jump in my truck if I am running late for school. As France has also been going through political struggles there are many strikes on public transportation. There have been about 4 different days that the buses and trams have not operated because of these strikes. When this happens you have to figure your own way out to get to where you need to go. Most of the time this ends up walking or biking to school. I could go on forever about the differences I have seen here in the French Riviera from Texas, as the way of life is something I couldn’t have imagined.

I have been able to travel and explore the coast by train and I have even made my way to Paris. I was also able to take a week-long trip through Switzerland to see the beautiful Swiss Alps. I have seen and done things that I thought I never would be able to do. I am excited to see the adventures ahead of me as I continue to try to turn my Texas accent into French.