It goes without say that the French Riviera is beautiful. Since arriving in Nice, I have experienced only one rainy day and have taken full advantage of walking in the sunshine. And I have personally found that the people here match the weather – very kind, happy, and gracious.

Going to EDHEC Business School, a well-known international school, has allowed me to meet people from all over the world. In my favorite class, titled “Researching France,” I sit between a student from Britain and a student from Brazil. A girl from Norway is in front of me, and a guy from Germany sits behind me. Even my professor in this class is both American and French, being raised in New York and Paris. She is fascinating and encourages an open, inquisitive environment in class, often asking a student from each country to share their own culture and perspectives.

One challenge that I have experienced since being in France though, is contending with the strikes. When there are strikes, there is no public transportation system running in Nice which makes it difficult to get to class. But, if you must walk to class, walking along the Promenade de Anglais has the most beautiful view!

When not in class, my roommates and I have found time to travel and look forward to visiting as many places as we can during the semester!