The first month of my semester abroad in Nice, France has been one of the most crazy and fun times of my life. I could have never dreamed for a better start to my abroad experience. As soon as I landed in Nice, it was immediately clear that I was now in what seems to be an entirely different world than my home in Texas. I am learning everyday from the locals and other international students about the French as well as European ways of life. The simple things of grocery shopping, transportation, and education at the university level are quite different than they are back home. The trams, buses, and trains have weekly strikes which is difficult for everyone as it is the main form of transportation for most locals and visitors. I have quickly come to appreciate the importance of public transportation, yet I also long for the freedom and ease that comes with having my car. Grocery shopping is done daily instead of once a week as you can only take as much as you can carry. My classes meet once a week for three hours at a time, and my schedule is never the same from week to week. As I encounter many differences that seem to be both minor and major in their own ways, I am beginning to understand the different aspects that make up the french culture.

I find myself in awe of the natural beauty that is everywhere I look. A walk along the famous Promenade Des Anglais is enough to make someone never want to leave. From the top of Castle Hill in Nice, looking in one direction you can see miles of the Mediterranean Sea while looking in the other direction you can see villages throughout the hills to the snowy mountain tops of the Alps. The French Riviera is beautiful and breathtaking as well as home to so many magnificent places. I have traveled all along the Cote d’Azur from Monaco to Cannes and even as far as Grasse. Every city and small village has something different and amazing to offer.

I am very thankful for attending EDHEC Business School as I have learned from the french students that it is known as a very prestigious private school. I am amazed at the diversity of the other international students here at the university. From the first day at orientation, the other international students in the program were extremely friendly and eager to meet everyone. I have made great friends with students from all over the world including Australia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Slovakia, Germany, Argentina, and so much more. This has been a wonderful bonus because I have slowly been learning about each one of their backgrounds and cultures as well. Many of us share the same interests of finding the best local restaurants, exploring the towns of the French Riviera, and going to the warm beach every chance we get. I have immensely enjoyed sharing these experiences with my new international friends and look forward to many more throughout the semester.