Hola! I have been living in Spain for nearly a month now, and have had the best time!

I have completed my first two weeks of class, had the opportunity to explore Jaén, and explore some neighboring cities, Granada and Cordoba, too!  My experience so far has been incredible. Jaén is a smaller city located in the south of Spain in the Andalucía region; it is known as the “Olive Oil Capital of the World.” Here, the culture is very laid back, many stores observe siesta hours in the afternoon and close for that part of the day. There is so much natural beauty all around the city as well as historical sites to see! I have loved getting to explore and discover the Cathedral of Jaén in the city center, the Castle that sits on the mountain above the city, and other unique sights of Jaén. I have been able to meet so many cool people as well! I live in a residence with Spanish students, so I’ve made many local friends as well as international friends through the International Student Events hosted by the University.

Living in a residence with people from all across southern Spain has been amazing because I have been able to learn so much from them. I get to hear about their lives and the “pueblos” (towns) they are from. I have also been able to get a great feel for the culture in Andalucía and practice my Spanish!

Through events hosted by the university for international students and through some of my classes, I have also met so many people from other countries! I have friends from Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Poland, Germany, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Russia, and Italy! Meeting people from literally all over the world has to be one of my favorite aspects of studying abroad so far. Everyone has been so excited to get to know one another and share stories from their home countries. Being with such a diverse group, yet finding so much that we have in common is incredible to me! I can’t wait to get to know everyone better as the semester continues.

Sometimes it still feels surreal to me that I am living in Spain and get to go to school here. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I can’t wait for the many adventures in store for my remaining time here in Jaén.

Miranda Walker ’21

Jaén Cathedral at Night


“Castillo” de Jaén


Touring the city of Córdoba with international friends!


Al Ambra in Granada


Hiking in Jaen (with view of city and part of the old castle walls)


Inside the Castle (Jaén)