My time in Nottingham has come to an end. I had a great semester exploring and meeting new people! I have learned so many new things and I can’t wait to take them with me and use them in my everyday life.

My time abroad has definitely made me become more of a global citizen. I have had the incredible opportunity to learn through a different method of teaching and experience new points of view. I really enjoyed the structure of the majority of my classes. We had no quizzes, homework assignments, or exams throughout the course of the semester. Instead we had one cumulative final essay that we had all semester to work on. However, for other classes that had final exams instead of an essay, this made learning the material more difficult. There was no way to check our understanding of the concepts being taught throughout the semester, so studying for a final was a daunting task.  Nevertheless, it was nice not having much work to do during the week and made for a less stressful semester. I definitely noticed that conducting business in England and Europe as a whole is a lot more laid back than in the U.S.

Hopefully, I will be able to take what I learned while abroad to my future work. It was nice having a good balance of work and free time. I spent a lot of my free time traveling and exploring England, and even other countries in Europe! Public transportation in Europe is very accessible and made traveling super easy. The people in Nottingham were very friendly and always surprised to meet an American, since it is not a very big city like London is. The only downside to England was the food. It definitely doesn’t hold a candle to American food, and made me have a greater appreciation for the food back home.

Overall I really enjoyed my semester abroad! I can’t wait to visit England again. I made great lifelong friends during my time in Nottingham, England and would definitely recommend doing a semester exchange to those considering it!