I cannot believe that tomorrow will mark one month of being abroad. I have been having the time of my life and am so happy that Texas A&M and Mays Business School have so many opportunities to go abroad! The students at EM Strasbourg are so nice and helpful, it made the transition very smooth. After the students from the Bureau de l’International picked us up at the train station, they were nice enough to let us stay at their place until our dorm opened.

School is definitely different than at A&M. Classes change times, days, classrooms and even buildings from week to week so you have to be very flexible. Some classes just have one final exam, and some just have group projects. Not having the pressure to study for tests every few weeks, actually makes me more engaged in the class. Having classes with international students from all over the world make the classes that much more interesting!

Since I have been here, I’ve crossed the Rhine river to have lunch in Germany, taken a day trip to Colmar, France, and weekend excursions to both Luxembourg and Switzerland. This weekend we have planned a road trip to Salzburg, Austria to see where Mozart lived and of course the areas where The Sound of Music was filmed. CAN’T WAIT!!!

Strasbourg, France

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Howdy! I have been in Copenhagen for a week now, and I am already in love with everything here. One reason I picked CBS is because the school works well with the students. For example, I was able to have a buddy who picked me up from the airport and I can also hang out with. I would have been absolutely lost without her. They also have optional social packages so I am able to meet many international students and do really fun activities with them. I came here not knowing anyone, and by the second day had great friends.

IMG_4614I have traveled a little around Copenhagen and have made one day trip to Lund, Sweden. There are always people in the dorm who are willing to go with you, so I never have to worry about traveling alone.

It is now January 29th, and it is my second day of classes. Classes work very differently here than back home. There are no grades except the final. I have three courses in quarter 3 and one in quarter 4. The classes are twice a week and about 2 and half hours long (two breaks in between, thank goodness). The lectures are informative and useful for studying. I plan to keep up with studying so I do not have to cram once finals come around.

That’s all for now!

-Catherine Neil

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Well, what can I say? Just over 3 short weeks ago I began my 8 month study abroad experience and it has already been, in a word, incredible. I will be at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom until the end of June, and then move on to some personal travels around the rest of Europe for two months during the summer. Here in Lancaster I am living in a flat on campus with 5 other people and another 6 in the other flat on the same floor. I was nervous going in, but there is more than plenty of room for everyone and all of my flatmates have been incredibly welcoming and hospitable. I can already tell that we will be friends for years to come.

The sun setting on the city of Morecambe

The campus itself is much smaller than Texas A&M’s but it makes walking to class a lot quicker so I’ve got no complaints! Nothing on campus is more than about a ten minute walk and a short bus ride will take you into town easily. The amount and (relative) easy of public transportation has been one of the biggest changes for me since I’ve arrived here in England. Just from the bus stop on campus I have already been able to journey to the cities of Chester, Morecambe, and Manchester – all very interesting places in their own ways.

I have already had so much fun and I know that as the term progresses I will get to experience and learn some amazing things that will allow me to grow and excel both personally and professionally.

Until then I’ll be having some more fun in Liverpool this weekend and at Manchester United Football Club’s stadium “Old Trafford” this Tuesday!

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The Center for International Business Studies (CIBS) is excited to introduce a new blog for our Reciprocal Exchange (REEP) students.  CIBS is located within the Mays Business School and offers both undergraduate and graduate business students the opportunity to study at one of 22 partner universities for 1-2 semesters.  Please click here to see a complete list of our exchange partners.

While REEP students are abroad, they will post monthly about their experiences and adventures.  We hope this blog will serve as an avenue for current students abroad to communicate with one another and to inform future and prospecitve REEP students.

Please contact us to find out more about our Reciprocal Exchange Programs or other study abroad opportunities for Mays Business School students.

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