Mobile Marketing: The Way Forward


Firms spent about a quarter of their digital budget on mobile, and mobile will contribute nearly a quarter of all digital revenues in 2015 (eMarketer 2015). Mobile marketing has grown substantially in […]

Mobile Shopper Marketing: Key Issues, Current Insights, and Future Research Avenues


The intersection of mobile marketing and shopper marketing, known as mobile shopper marketing, is a rapidly evolving area. We formally define mobile shopper marketing as the planning and execution of all mobile-based […]

Pricing Model for Hybrid Bundles: Analytical Model and Insights


Retailers are increasingly offering hybrid bundles — products that combine both good(s) and service(s). Some hybrid bundles, such as Lowe’s flooring that combines flooring material (good) and flooring installation (service) are sold […]

Innovation Metrics


No firm can last forever on its existing products. It is necessary for a firm to invest for the future through either entirely new products or enhancements of existing products/services. Thus, investments […]