An Improved Facility Layout Construction Method

August 2012 | Hale, Trevor

This study presents a new distance-based facility layout construction technique. Given a two-dimensional
(i.e. single-floor) facility layout construction problem in which the order of placement of individual
departments is known (a challenging problem in itself), the technique presented herein proposes the use
of sub-departments and expected distance functions instead of centroid-to-centroid distances for the
placement of departments. In this paper an expected distance function is defined as the probabilistic
expectation of the particular distance metric of interest (rectilinear, Euclidean, etc.) in which the parameters
involved are defined by random vectors in 2-dimensional Euclidean space. This study presents an enhanced
facility layout construction technique that incorporates several enhancements over the well-known systematic
layout procedure (SLP). The goal herein is to minimise the error induced by the use of the centroid-to-centroid
distances between the departments inherent to the SLP.



  • Faizul Huq
  • Ian Hipkin


International Journal of Production Research

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