Data Quality of Query Results with Generalized Selection Conditions

January 2013 | Parrish, Blake

Information systems play a very important role in managerial decision making within modern organizations. While making different types of decisions (at operational, tactical, and strategic levels), managers are increasingly relying on information gleaned from various databases, data warehouses, and data streams feeding them. The quality of organizational decisions, therefore, often depends on the quality of the information derived from these databases and data streams, and a manager is able to make better use of the information if she also understands the quality level of that information. Previous research has examined how the quality level of a database query output can be estimated based on the quality level of the input data. In this research, we generalize this stream of research and allow a query to have general selection conditions involving multiple attributes with any combination of conjunction or disjunction of subconditions that may include functions of multiple attributes. Results of this research can easily be implemented in real-world decision contexts.



  • Debabrata Dey


Operations Research