Emotional Mechanisms Linking Incivility at Work to Aggression and Withdrawal at Home An Experience-Sampling Study

September 2018 | Koopman, Joel

We report an experience-sampling study examining the spillover of workplace incivility on employees’ home lives. Specifically, we test a moderated mediation model whereby discrete emotions transmit the effects of workplace incivility to specific family behaviors at home. Fifty full-time employees from southeast Asia provided 363 observations over a 10-day period on workplace incivility and various emotional states. Daily reports of employees’ marital behaviors were provided by the spouses each evening. Results showed that state hostility mediated the link from workplace incivility to increased angry and withdrawn marital behaviors at home. Also, trait hostility served as a moderator such that the relationship between workplace incivility and hostile emotions was stronger for employees with high trait hostility.



  • Sandy Lim
  • Remus Ilies
  • Paraskevi Christoforou
  • Richard D. Arvey


Journal of Management

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