Mobile Marketing: The Way Forward

May 2016 | Shankar, Venkatesh

Firms spent about a quarter of their digital budget on mobile, and mobile will contribute nearly a quarter of all digital revenues in 2015 (eMarketer 2015). Mobile marketing has grown substantially in scope from its early definition and stage in development (Shankar and Balasubramanian 2009). Mobile marketing has had a significant impact in the retail environment as most initial applications involved reminders and promotions when a shopper is close to a physical store or is in a shopping mode while in motion (Shankar et al. 2010). The rapid surge of mobile marketing in recent years raises several important questions about marketing communication and shopper response: How has advertising evolved in the mobile context? How effective is mobile advertising? What are the forms and roles of mobile promotions? Which mobile promotions work and which do not work? How relevant is gamification in the mobile environment? How can marketers effectively use gamification in mobile marketing? How do shoppers use mobile in their shopping journey? How should managers use mobile to influence shoppers along and beyond the path to purchase? This editorial summarizes the articles that explore answers to these and related questions in this special issue.



Journal of Interactive Marketing

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