Personal Accounts and an Anatomy of Conceptual and Theoretical Articles in the Special Issue

March 2019 | Yadav, Manjit S.

This introduction outlines the articles included in this Special Issue, highlighting the benefits of producing conceptual articles in consumer and marketing theory and research. In summarizing these articles, we also emphasize the types of conceptual contributions each article makes. Our overall goal is to encourage readers to engage in their own theorizing and developing of conceptual papers. There has been a precipitous decline in such articles over the past several decades. But as the papers included here attest, there is much to be gained by pursuing such conceptual work and there are many types of conceptual contributions. In an effort to show the rewards of such work, we briefly summarize our own experiences with conceptual papers. We conclude with a plea for more and better constructs, more and better theories, and stronger original theories using emergent abductive logic rather than relying upon enabling or enfolding theories based on a priori theoretical constructs. We sincerely hope that this special issue will help boost theoretical and conceptual work and thought.



  • Russell Belk
  • Deborah MacInnis


Journal of Marketing Management

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