Resilient and Agile Engineering Solutions to Address Societal Challenges such as Coronavirus Pandemic

September 2020 | Agrawal, Anupam


  • We review the coronavirus pandemic and discuss salient aspects of the virus, the disease, its impact, propagation and treatment options
  • We examine the current testing processes and the need for developing new tools such as lab-on-the-chip.
  • We examine how nanotechnology and ultra-precision engineering hold the promise in developing resilient measures to tackle the pandemic.
  • We also examine how digital manufacturing and automation can help productivity and how modeling and simulation can aid drug and vaccine discovery.
  • We explore design for manufacturing approaches required for developing new face masks and PPE’s.
  • We discuss the short- and long-term impact of COVID-19 on supply chains, climate change, and lifestyles.




Materials Today - Chemistry

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