Strategic Design for Remanufacturing: Analyzing the Complicating Factors for Multiple Lifecycle Products

October 2017 | Geismar, Neil

Based on observations from practice, this study analytically investigates product design philosophies for
remanufacturing original equipment manufacturers to determine how the optimal design choice depends
on market conditions. Though designing to increase the level of remanufacturability can yield increased
profitability by lowering remanufacturing costs, several complicating factors exist. We examine how these
market factors—industry clockspeed, the level of competition, and the product’s original market value—
interact with characteristics whose values are determined by the choice of design paradigm: time-tomarket,
manufacturing cost, and remanufacturing cost. A key determinant of the optimal design choice is
the number of profitable lifecycles that each design choice provides under specific combinations of values
for the market factors.



  • M. Serkan Akturk
  • James D. Abbey


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