The Balancing of Country-Based Interaction Orientation and Marketing Strategy Implementation Adaptation/ Standardization for Profit Growth in Multinational Corporations

April 2019 | Griffith, David

For business success and continued growth, multinational corporations (MNCs) must work to efficiently leverage interactions with customers dispersed across geographic boundaries. Under the framework of the attention-based view, this study examines the MNC strategic approach of country-based interaction orientation and marketing strategy implementation adaptation/standardization as drivers of global profit growth, contingent on the environmental conditions of competitive intensity and market dynamism. The findings from a survey of U.S.-based MNCs indicate that managerial attention focused on country-based interaction orientation and marketing strategy implementation standardization, when considered jointly, have a positive effect on MNC profit growth. The findings also show that the effect of a country-based interaction orientation on MNC profit growth is not as susceptible to competitive intensity and market dynamism when MNCs standardize their marketing strategy implementation, but it varies when MNCs take a more adapted approach to their implementation strategies across country markets. These findings bring to light important implications for international marketing theory and practice.



  • Hannah Lee


Journal of International Marketing

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