Re-Entry Guides

During this time of uncertainty, it is easy to lose sight of the future as ambiguous variables cloud our vision. The five guides surrounding re-entry into the workplace serve as a roadmap to not only operate in the new normal but to advance with renewed energy. The re-entry guides give leaders a deeper understanding of how to support and connect with the people that make up the organization, and how to thrive in the uncertainty. We encourage you to share one or more of these guides with your colleagues and organizations as you develop your plans to return to the workplace.

The Re-Entry Guide provides the foundation of ideas that leaders must consider before entering the workplace again including understanding the psyche of the current reality, providing a plan to get back into the office, and highlighting safety measures to focus on.
The Getting Back to Work Guide lists 31 tips to create psychological safety in order to build trust with leaders, managers, and the company as people begin to return to the office.
The Re-Emergenge Guide compiles 14 ideas that leaders can implement into their workspace to reemerge stronger with renewed energy in the uncertain future.
The Eleven Re-Entry Wins Guide examines eleven specific action items to implement into the workspace following re-entry to create, reimagine, and mold an intentional future.
The Re-Onboard Checklist lists the tangible actions leaders should implement before the return, on day one, after 30 days, and after 60 days. These actions work to reorient all employees about the values, behavioral expectations, and culture the company must have going forward.