Executive and Continuing Education

Continuing Education Offerings:

The Reynolds and Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute at Texas A&M University has recently partnered with Pathstream, an online digital skills provider, to offer four new certificate programs built in partnership with leading technology companies:

Executive Education Offerings:

The Reynolds and Reynolds Sales Leadership is excited to announce new executive and continuing education programming.

The first program we are launching is Aligning Strategy for Competitive Advantage. This 6-week 36-hour program features Mays Business School Faculty to coach executives through a revolutionary customer-based approach to strategy and sales. We will kick off with a 2-day conference-style event on August 23 & 24 at Mays Business School’s CityCentre campus.

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Please stay tuned for more program offerings; we have a lot in store.

If you are interested in speaking with us about our Executive and Continuing Education offerings, as well as custom solutions, please contact our Director, Dr. Janet Parish, at jparish@mays.tamu.edu.